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A.V.Ilango have been teaching drawing and painting for more than twenty five years. It was an art class till five years ago. In October 2003,he launched Ilango’s Artspace on Cathedral Road, Chennai.

In March 2008, the artspace was relocated on the Ist floor of the concert Hall building in the Lady Andal School Premises, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai-600 031.

This art space is not only his studio, but a place where he nurtures creativity in other minds, from little children to adults. The objective is the process of drawing and painting to express oneself in visual arts while enjoying the act of thinking and creating in an informal and personalized ambiance. Ilango says:”Art lets you be in the now.” He believes in the traditional guru-sishya pedagogy. The learning is customized, based on the aptitude, sensibility and passion of the aspirants. Ilango’s Artspace showcases the young artists who practice under his guidance in India and abroad.



Inspired by A.V.Ilango’s endeavours in the arts and culture, his entrepreneur brother-in-law Shivakumar based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia launched Artspace The Gallery at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur in September 2008. Ilango lends technical support to that gallery which promotes Indian artists in South East Asia. He also conducts art workshops at the premises.

The vast Indian continent has produced a rich heritage of art since ancient times. So many styles, so much content … has influenced South East Asia for centuries, changing and mutating along the course of history. Art in India has always been inspired, synthesized and presented in classical, folk and contemporary styles. Artspace The Gallery intends to exhibit the whole range and richness of Indian art while also hosting cultural activities in Malaysia and other countries in the region, including Australia and New Zealand.


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